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"Going into the dark room was like going into the womb, as far as I remember my time in the womb back in the day... Having nothing to do and being immersed into the dark is such a great condition to go deeper in meditation and to get more and more transparant with my inner life. The dark room was very clean, spacious, comfortable and perfect. I felt very taken care for. Lots of gratitude for this experience!"


"The dark room was for me a very deep experience which brought me back intimately to the heart.


Being alone with no external distractions opened the doors of infinity wide and profoundly changed my perception of reality.

It was a very intense experience that transformed my vision of myself and the outside world.


Darkness offers this possibility to return to the source, the echoes continue to accompany me and bring me great strength at all times.

Thanks to the team for their welcome and their presence."


"Total darkness is an element in its own right, a warm matrix but also a true mirror that reflected the fears and pain that I felt, and the gratitude and joy of being a fractal of the Whole that animates me."


To read the testimony of a retreater after 7 days of dark retreat in our space: click below

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