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Hi! My name is Bérengère. I was born and grew up in the french countryside near Bordeaux. At a young age, I discovered Hatha Yoga while travelling the world, and followed this growing passion until today. During those travelling years, I practiced vipassana meditation as well as selfless service, both of which added depth to my quest for Truth and meaning in life. I encountered Hridaya Yoga in Mexico in 2018, a path that naturally became an evidence. Since 2020, I have been sharing my passion, teaching Hatha Yoga and Meditation at Hridaya France.

I live in Saint-Just d'Avray, in the very house where the dark retreats are happening!

These dark rooms were originally created to welcome students from the Hridaya Teacher Training program. Part of the training includes retreating for two days in the dark.

It is with an open heart that I welcome you here for your retreat, wishing you to find all the answers and peace within.



Estelle discovered spirituality through movement and dance.  In 2015, during a trip to Guatemala, she came into contact with yoga and formal meditation for the first time. Her curiosity and fascination for the inner world lead her further into the esoteric teachings of spirituality.
In Guatemala, she also had her first experience of retreat in silence – an experience that touched her deeply and was only the beginning of a long adventure. In 2016, seeking to deepen the mysteries of silence, she went to Hridaya Yoga in Mexico.
She has since completed several Hridaya Yoga modules as well as silent retreats and darkroom retreats, but what has brought the greatest personal transformations has been the consistent practice of karma yoga in the Hridaya community.
In 2018, her desire to deepen her own practice and share it with others led her to take the Hridaya Yoga Teacher Training Course. Since graduating, Estelle has been teaching in English and French, she is currently based in Saint-Just d'Avray.

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